Damas Jewellery Dubai

Jewellery is considered to be women passion as she is always willing to spend whatever she has to get her dream piece. Dubai is also regarded as the most appealing place for women for its reasonable and huge variety of gold collections and when it comes to reasonable, Dubai gold souk is a place that claims to give the best jewellery in town. Among many stores of jewellers in gold souk, Damas Jewellery has regarded as the oldest and most reliable brand.

Damas Jewellery has been widely recognized in Dubai and its outlets can be traced in almost every major street of Dubai. The brand is famous for keeping not only its own impressive collection but has the most leading jewellery brands in its outlet. One of the oldest brands in Dubai, the key behind their success is the professional approach adopted by them that made them high competitors for others in the market. Damas Jewellery has its roots in Syria and brought to Dubai to share the spectacular collection with the rest of the world.

Damas Jewellery deals with three different categories in gold souk. One is the exclusive range that includes the most exclusive range while others are semi exclusive and 22k gold. The brand is also known for its best quality of diamonds and one can trace this precious stone in its gold souk outlet that is highly compatible to any world class diamond. From solitaire to the precious gemstones, almost every collection stands for its own philosophy and unique presence. There are almost 12 collections offered by the brand itself yet the variety didn't end here as there are other renowned brands available in the stores that are enhancing its lavishing look.

Boudoir and Farasha collections of Damas Jewellery present the delicate small stones designs in pendants while Farha collection stands for the ultimate beauty of the traditional designs. The perfect Arabian touch can be witnessed in its bangles. Fior and Fulla again present the elegance in form of small jewellery. Harmony is a pure gold collection that depicts the perfect harmony in its designing. Hayati is a diamond studded collection of Damas Jewellery that stands for the perfect blend of this precious stone with durable material. From the royal collection of jawaher to the most traditional collection of legacy, each item follows the true philosophy of the brand and has marked its presence.

Damas Jewellery in gold souk also serves some renowned international brands. The extraordinary polishing of the Annamaria Cammilli present the black rose with unique polishing of gold. The Baraka collection presents the fruitful blend of stainless steel with diamonds. From hand painted Graziella jewellery to the classic pearl collection of Mikimotto, jewellery stands for the passion to its buyer. The brand is serving now over a long period in gold souk and being the original and oldest it has managed to earn many customers. Explore the gold souk with a must stop at this outlet to witness some of the most beautiful collection present in those narrow streets.